Create XML Sitemaps Online

Free sitemap generator tool to quickly create an XML sitemap for your site.

XML Sitemap Generator Tool

XML Sitemap Generator is a free SEO tool that help people quickly create an XML sitemap for their site. Each created XML sitemap allows maximum of 1,000 unique URLs. You can customize your sitemap values, including: priority, change frequency and page last modification.

  1. Enter your site URL.
  2. Click Options link to open the options dialog and setting your sitemap.
  3. Press "Create Sitemap" button and waiting for our tool crawl your entire site.
  4. When sitemap generator is complete you can download your sitemap and upload it into Google and Bing.

Why XML Sitemaps

A sitemap is a way of organizing a website, identifying the URLs and the data under each section. Sitemap is an excellent way to tell Google, Bing or other search engines about URLs on your site that would be pages, videos, and other files. It is useful for those pages that hard to discover by web crawler.

XML sitemap is an XML structure file that based on Sitemap Format Protocol. Through the XML protocol, search engines could track the URLs more efficiently, optimizing their search by placing all the information in one page.

Your sitemap is the best way ensure that search engines have your sites' freshest content when your site has new content.

Please notes, Sitemaps does not affect ranking, but it does allow search engines to make more accurate rankings and searches. It does this by providing the data that a search engine needs, and putting it one place-quite handy, given that there are millions of websites to plough through.

How to Submit Sitemap to Google/Bing

After you created a new XML sitemap by our free tool. the next step is to download and upload it to the root of your site. Make sure you can access this file on your web browser before submittd to Google and Bing.

Submit sitemaps to Google, Bing and other search engines using their webmaster consoles. Google's Google Search Control and Bing's Bing Webmaster Tool are the powerful webmaster tools for webmasters. You can follow the below URLs learn how to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing.