XML Sitemap Index

Bundling multiple Individual XML sitemap files into a single sitemap index.

Paste your sitemap URLs list, one sitemap URL per line. examples:


Build Sitemap Index

XML Sitemap Index Tool

The sitemap index tool will putting two or more xml sitemaps into the single sitemap index.

  1. Enter your sitemap URLs, each of sitemaps separated by a new line.
  2. Press the submit button and waiting to complete.
  3. Download the generated sitemap index file and upload it to your website.
  4. Submit the sitemap index to Google and Bing.

How It Works

There are some known limitations associated with sitemaps. First, it shouldn’t be larger than 10 MB, and shouldn’t contain URLs exceeding 50,000. It is for this reason that you must use sitemap index if you intend to design a website with numerous sitemaps and directories.

How to split up your large sitemaps