Ping Sitemap to Search Engines

Pinging your sitemap to Google, Bing and Baidu and keeping fresh.

Select one and more search engines to Pinging in the below:

Free Sitemap Ping Tool

Our Sitemap Ping Tool: Pinging your sitemap and keep your site fresh on Google and Bing.

Just one click to quickly submit your sitemaps to Google, Bing and Baidu.

  1. Enter your sitemap URL.
  2. Click "Options" link to open the available search engine list. By default Google and Bing are selected.
  3. Press the submit button and waiting to finish.
  4. Done and display a pinging result: Success or Failed.

How It Works

If you have a site that is relatively static, meaning that pages are not being updated or created often, submitted your sitemap to Google, Bing and other search engines using their webmaster consoles is probably good enough.

If you have a site that changes frequently then pinging search engines with your sitemaps is important. Examples of this would be marketplace sites where new products or services are being listed all the time, currency exchange listing sites where pages are continuously updating, or news publishers where freshness is critical.

Ping sitemap to Google

Using a HTTP request to send the Ping request to Google. Use the following URL, replacing the example with your sitemap URL:<sitemap_url>

The server will respond with HTTP Status 200 (OK) if the submission was successful.

Ping sitemap to Bing

Like Ping Google above, use the following URL.<sitemap_url>

How Often to Ping Sitemap

Stay fresh to the website.

Pinging a sitemap as often as you have fresh content and make sure that the content listed in the sitemap file is discernibly different than last time you pinged Google/Bing. Crawl rate will increase sharply after you notify search engines that they are fresh.

But remember pinging sitemap does not guarantee that the sitemap URL’s will be crawled.